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Date: 18.08.2017

While searching for computer software on web pages, you can find many dangerous files. It is therefore very important to exercise extreme caution when surfing the web. We advise which sites to use so that you will not encounter the virus software.

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Accidental software or application installation that is actually a trojan or other malicious program is becoming more and more common. Until recently, such cases have mostly occurred to people installing applications from unknown sources. Unfortunately, even in dedicated online stores more and more often you will find programs only pretending to be functional software. In fact, such applications steal data or generate costly text messages.


If you receive an SMS from an unknown source, we can check the number,
From where they come from By doing this, we will be able to verify the number and determine what site may come from, and even find out how to deal with the problem of uncontrolled text messaging. The same principle applies to SMSs that are sent to us, and we do not know where the reason is for them to receive them.
A very good example is the software called “Find & Call”.

who calls me

At an accelerated pace, the program garnered loads of negative reviews, And in the comments, users are very critical of how the application works. The operation of the “Find and Call” application was based on the stealing of phone book with user numbers and sending spam messages. Despite the quick intervention of the site administrators on which the malicious application appeared, a lot of people managed to download it.


It is worth remembering and taking into account that it is not always enough to look at user ratings referring only to working with the application, its stability and usability. For programs that allow us to access our personal and contact information, or that allow us to communicate with friends, it may be worth taking a few more minutes and looking for information about the authentication and security methods used by the application’s authors. Do not forget to check every software and its origin before installing it.

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