Who Called me from UK?

Date: 25.02.2019

Who called? Have you ever wondered who called you? Did you get a call from an unknown number? Someone called you in the morning when you were sleeping, in the evening or during work? Have you ever picked up a annoying phone where there were only noise? Have you been looking for information on the […]

An unknown number is ringing – what should I do

Date: 16.02.2018

Did you have a situation when a call from an unknown number arrived on your phone? If you have your own cell, it certainly happened. Many of us have encountered the problem of connections from unknown senders. You wonder why you must be the target of marketing calls or even those that make phone fraudsters? […]

When your phone becomes a problem

Date: 16.02.2018

We are sure that you will agree that many people are currently dependent on having a mobile phone with them. Unfortunately, this is true and such situations take place more often. Looking at our daily schedule of the day: in the morning you start the day by reviewing the e-mails that arrived after our falling […]

Discover ways to remove your number from the telemarketing database!

Date: 12.12.2017

Are you one of the people who have been victims of telephone fraud? Do not worry, the law that came into force in European countries clearly defines the rules of selling services via mobile phones. Each purchase or sale agreement must have a written confirmation, while minimizing the risk of a telephone transaction. Very often […]