Discover ways to remove your number from the telemarketing database!

Date: 12.12.2017

Are you one of the people who have been victims of telephone fraud? Do not worry, the law that came into force in European countries clearly defines the rules of selling services via mobile phones. Each purchase or sale agreement must have a written confirmation, while minimizing the risk of a telephone transaction. Very often during a conversation it is easy to manipulate someone and ultimately get him to buy a product he did not need. However, when we receive an offer in writing – we can thoroughly analyze it. However, constant attempts to attract us will not miss us. We can still receive telephones with invitations for presentations of various products that we do not need for happiness in any case.

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Do you know what condition must be met by people providing telemarketing services? First of all, they should have your consent to the processing of personal data – if they do not have such consent, we have no obligation to talk to them! When our phone rings again and you hear a new, attractive offer that you must have, what database do you get from your database? A telemarketing response will allow us to easily identify the place where we may have once consented to the processing of our data. What about the situation in which our telemarketer number was received from a third party? Also, he must provide the source of this information. If, despite the reservation of the data, the phones do not go away – there remains an official complaint to the relevant authorities.

Companies are constantly trying to get around uncomfortable rules and applying all kinds of tricks that allow them to do so. It may happen that the consultant asked about the source from which he took our number can reply that it was generated by means of a digital lottery. In this case, we can only block the harassing number on our phone and expect that this method will prove to be effective. However, it is worth using an official written contact that will provide evidence in the case.


Do you want to get to know an ad hoc way of dealing with such situations? If it happens that the conversation we are conducting with the consultant is recorded, we can inform him that we disagree – after such a message he should immediately end the conversation. Do not say never that you do not have time right now – the telemarketer will call again and again over and over again.

Have our advice been helpful to you? You can always verify the number using a convenient number search engine where users share information with each other. Thanks to this, you will always know who is calling you and whether you should receive it.



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