How to avoid phone scams

Date: 07.02.2017

Smartphones definitely changed our lives for better – no matter when and where you are, you can easily connect with your mates, talk to your family and loved ones and make new friends. But sadly, communication technologies have also given unique opportunity for scammer to commit frauds. How to avoid phone scams and what to do when unknown numbers keep calling?

Be reasonable

The best way to be safe while using telephones is just to remain rational and sensible. It often happens that scammers call random people, persuading them that they have just won something. Of course to get your prize you need to give them personal information. Another example is extorting money, for instance saying that they are for charity.


We tend to think that being online, in virtual space, makes us completely anonymous and safe. Unfortunately it could not be more far from the truth. We should be more cautious and careful while using computers and phones – we go by common sense every day in real life and the same rules should apply in virtual reality. For example – would you give any detailed information about your bank account to a person you never met and without any proof that he can be trusted? Exactly, no one would, so why do we believe that someone calling from unknown number wants to give us something valuable for no particular reason?

Do not trust anyone

…well, maybe not anyone at all, but in general it is a good practice to doubt in any kind of special, unique and limited offers.


It is also worth mentioning about group of our society that is especially vulnerable to phone scams – seniors. Elderly people do not understand capabilities of modern frauds, so usually they do not see any threats in disclosing personal information, passwords or other sensitive data. It is also well-known scamming method that crooks call seniors and impersonate their grandchildren, asking for a loan. Try to forewarn your relatives about these kind of dangers.

Check unknown numbers

If we want to avoid similar problems and we do not want to be deceived by phone scammers calling from unknown phone numbers there are websites that can help. How? You can try so called reverse phone number lookup. It is a good idea when you suffer from repetitive, mystery phone calls. Instead of wondering who called, you can just check if anybody had similar problem with the same caller. Those kind of websites also create community, in which everyone can help warn other people by adding dangerous phone numbers that are worth blocking.