How to deal with persistent phone calls?

Date: 07.02.2017

Modern technology, such as smartphones, makes it really easy to always be in touch with whoever we want to, no matter the time or place. But this can also have a lot of disadvantages – people these days are constantly stressed out, live in the belief that they need to be in constant contact with the world and are often harassed by unknown callers. Unfortunately this can become a very serious issue, when we start to lose control and it affects on our mental health and well-being. How to deal with persistent phone calls?

Constantly on standby

21th century is the age of technology – without a doubt it has influenced all kind of companies and industries all over the world. But it is also a crucial factor when it comes to our private life. Nowadays we all use telephones on daily basis, both for personal use and for work purposes. There are a lot of people who cannot imagine how their life would have look like if they turn off their phone even for one day. So every day we wake up, hearing notifications from social media on our smartphones, seeing missed calls from unknown numbers and almost physically attached to the phone 24 hours a day. Some people experience really rough time if their phones are discharged and they are forced to be unavailable. All of this makes it really easy for phone scammers to deceive us – we give them lots of opportunities to commit fraud.


Phone scammers

One of the most common way od phone scams is phishing for information. Usually frauds call us and impersonate employees of popular companies just to convince us to give them detailed personal information, threating that if we do not cooperate this company will, for example permanently block our account. In reality all of those information are used just to steal our money or take a loan in our name. The worst thing is that these scammers are very persistent, stubborn and obstinate, to the extent that the phone calls become a real harassment.


Another method is calling and hanging up – then the victim returns the call and most of the time  completely unconsciously risks getting extremely high bill, because as it turns out they called quite exotic countries. To prevent this from happening all you need to do is check phone number beforehand on websites with database of phone numbers.

What to do when unwanted calls do not stop

Most of us finally reach that moment, when phone ringing instinctively makes us anxious, fearful and jittery. The best way to deal with this problem is blocking all the dangerous phone callers and harassing, unknown numbers. First you should check who called you, to make sure that it is not a friend from a long time ago, trying to get in touch. Then you go to settings on your phone and add it to a blacklist – and the problem is solved.