Methods that help you avoid unwanted marketing calls!

Date: 12.12.2017

Are you sure you realize that the most unwanted marketing calls come from restricted numbers? The easiest and most effective way to prevent connections from them is to deactivate your operator’s ability to receive calls from these types of numbers. Did you know that just one request is enough? Are you worried that if a friend calls a registered person, he will not be able to contact you? Relax, he will hear a special message that will inform you that you no longer receive restricted calls without identifying the number. If a person is interested in talking to you, he can easily unblock the transparency of his number – the telemarketer usually will not be able to do so.


A red earpiece – a remedy for all evil?

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Each of us realizes that the best solution in the case of an unwanted connection will be a polite thank you and not to express interest in the offer. Do not worry – the telemarketer hears several dozens of such refusals a day and he is used to them. In addition, you must know that they are most often accounted for the number of calls made, so if you immediately let him know that you are not interested – you can both use it and save time. However, this solution works only ad hoc, and another consultant can still try further calls, causing your nervousness.

Recording? No thanks.


Not everyone knows that practically all marketing phone calls have to be recorded. This applies so that the company can refer to the record of the conversation in the event of the contract being concluded by the customer. However, it gives us a chance to finish the conversation nicely – even if it did not start well. Whenever the telemarketer informs you about the recording of the conversation, you should declare that you do not agree to such a solution. After this information, the consultant has nothing else but to disconnect.

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If you’re a happy owner of a smartphone, you can get extra protection. Try one of the special applications that will allow you to determine which numbers can connect to you and which ones to ignore. It is a convenient solution because you can define ignoring specific numbers or even whole groups of numbers (eg restricted). That’s not all – you can also block unwanted text messages! Unfortunately, the applications are designed exclusively for new phones, so this stationary can still be attacked by intrusive consultants.

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