Trojan SMS

Date: 18.08.2017

We are increasingly encountering situations in which our personal information is exposed to disclosure. This can happen in different ways, through fake job interviews, to infect our phone with a specially programmed virus. One example is software commonly called SMS Trojans. We explain what this is and how to prevent it.

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The common name Trojan is an acronym for Trojan horse. They are used to determine software that has the ability to impersonate useful or interesting applications. By downloading this type of program, Trojan horse implements undesirable and, most of all, hidden functionality, such as spyware software, on our drive. Trojan horse is one of the most dangerous computer viruses and causes drastic changes in the system working system.


However, not only our computers are at risk. Victims of the Trojan may also have our phone and tablet. The Trojan dedicated to the android system can intercept the password to authorize the transaction of sms we receive from our bank bank. But how is it possible that the virus infected software gets into our system?

who calls me

The Trojan Trojan spreads as an application that masquerades as Flash Player. Once the software has been downloaded from a site that resembles the original site, a malicious program is installed on our phone or tablet. What is characteristic of virus-infected applications is the difficulty of removing them from the system. When we reach our phone, the Trojan has two tasks: scan the device for bank applications and then generate a fake login page for the account. If we fall into a trap trapped by cheaters, after entering the link, our screen will be locked until we enter the login information. This way we give cheaters access to our data.


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There are applications that are trying to get in the way of failing to get into our system and we can quickly notice some of the abnormalities involved. Sometimes we can get a text message from an unknown number that encourages us to enter a suspicious page. In that case we can not open it under any circumstances, just check out the site, from where it came from.

It can not be forgotten that criminals are constantly working to improve their software and it is increasingly difficult for users to identify their presence.
in the system. Therefore, you should be very careful about where we support applications, programs, and what links are included in web browsers.