Who can call you from an unknown number

Date: 27.03.2017

In general, getting a phone call is a nice feeling, especially when it’s a long lost friend or someone else close to you. But usually none of us, even people who like surprises, are fond of receiving calls from blocked ID or anyone who’s not on their contact list. Let’s check who can call you from an unknown number and what they usually want from you.

Telemarketers and call center employees

One of the most common known group of people who can call you from an unknown number are workers from telemarketing companies. Call centers employees generally have access to databases with a long list of phone numbers to call. Usually business corporations collect these by additional parts in contracts signed by customers, known as agreement to personal data processing.

The worst thing that can happen when a telemarketer calls you is buying things or ordering services you don’t need. This can cost you a lot of money, but fortunately you can easily withdraw from the contract that was concluded via phone.


Pranksters and stalkers

Another case may be less damaging in terms of finances, but definitely can be nerve wrecking. You may encounter pranksters that call random people, often in the night time or multiple times during the day. Sometimes they are just messing around, being silly and harmless, but at times they can get really dangerous and burdensome.

When you have to deal with unknown numbers for a long period of time, you should consider reporting it to the police as it can be prosecuted as a crime.


Swindlers and fraudsters

If it’s not a telemarketer or a prankster, you might be at risk of falling victim to a crime of phone scammers. They are really perilous, because they may want to not only take your money, but also phish for personal information. And once they possess it, you can get into big trouble, when they for example apply for a bank loan in your name.

Friends or colleagues

But unknown or blocked phone numbers are not always a sign of troubles. Sometimes it can be one of your long lost friend or another relative who is just trying to get in touch with you. If we see a missed call and wonder who called try to ponder whether it may be someone from your office or potential business partner, who is not yet on your contact list.

Office workers, service’s staff

Another example of situation in which unknown phone numbers won’t do you any harm is when you can get a call from anyone who is trying to contact you for a specific reason. Among others it can be some office worker or a store service, calling give you some details about your order. To make sure you won’t miss an important call you can check phone numbers on websites with telephone numbers database.

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