Who is at most risk of fraud and phone scams

Date: 23.02.2017

Nowadays phone scammers become more and more ingenious. It is not easy to detect danger coming from fraudsters, even if you stay updated with modern technologies’ news. But still, there are a lot of people who are much more susceptible target of swindlers. Who is at most risk of fraud and phone scams and how can we protect them?

Older people

Unfortunately seniors are really tempting, when it comes to scammers looking for their potential victims. Unlike modern generation, they have not grown alongside smartphones or the Internet. Most of our grandmas and grandpas only know how to use phones in a traditional way, so to make a phone call. It is extremely rare for grandparents to own new phone models and even if they do, there are just a few, who can call themselves advanced smartphone users.


All of this is used by fraudsters, who count on their victims to be totally unaware of what can happen to them. And unfortunately phone scammers do not have any mercy for seniors.


In contrast to seniors, kids and youth are raised almost with a phone in their hands. But they lack the knowledge and life experience, so most of the time are just naive and unexpecting of danger coming from unknown phone numbers. The problem with young people is that they often think they know everything and want to be treated like adults. And this is exactly what scammers expect, because the use the gullibility and unjustified confidence of young people.

Busy people

As far as previous groups are concerned it seems logical why they can be really easy target for phone scammers. But what about middle aged people? You may think that they use mobile phones every single day and have been through enough to be aware of fraudsters.

Instead of staying alert and open-eyed, they are so absorbed in work and everyday routine that frequently they just do not see when something is going on. Rather than thinking about who called and who is behind the unknown number they just pick up – unfortunately they realize they mistake when it is already too late.


What can you do to avoid being scammers’ victim?

All you can do is just remember that there is always possibility that you can fall a victim of swindler via phone. Before taking any action, whether it is picking up or calling back, it is a good idea to check the unknown number to know what is going on and make sure if you are safe.

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